Our World  In Support of Wildlife ...

We may consider for a moment the future of this beautiful place Our fragile Blue Planet and its Wildlife Ecosystem we call home, for we mankind and the animal kingdom are all inextricably linked and dependent in our place on our Mother Earth,
As we traverse the eons across the darkness of space and time we are all one spiritual family together and so we are responsible for the health and wellbeing of our one Living World with all its magnificent colourful diversity of flora and fauna oceans and skies
 A responsibility that we enjoy today and care for in trust to bequeath to our children and generations to come 
We are all responsible for doing our little bit however large or small that may possibly be, then our little efforts shall be cumulative to care for and preserve the health of our living home and our way of life on Our fragile Blue Planet Earth. 
      AllanMcmillan   2018

  National Geographic  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds  The British Deer Society  Scottish Wildlife Trust        World Wildlife Fund